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Mountain’s Top Industrial Construction Projects

We do our absolute best on every project we take on. The industrial projects below are a few that we’re especially proud of.

Northwest Steel and Pipe

Northwest Steel & Pipe, Inc. is a family-owned business that began in Tacoma in 1950 as a small scrap metal and salvage yard. The company is now a full-line steel service center selling steel products across the Northwest. After decades at their prior location, NW Steel & Pipe began planning new facilities nearby on former Burlington Northern railroad property.

Mountain Construction had built projects for NW Steel, one of our regular suppliers, in 1989 and then in 1996. Mountain Construction was honored to be selected again to build a state-of-the-art facility for the company. The new facility provided room for growth and a significantly more efficient layout.

Engineered Wood Association

The Engineered Wood Association (APA) asked Mountain to build their new testing facility. The 5,600 sq ft lab is not only one of the highest quality testing facilities in the world, it’s also a showcase for the engineered wood products produced by APA members. The space features one-of-a-kind LVL wood columns supporting a bridge crane, and massive glulam ceiling beams.

This project required impeccable timing and smart use of space. Mountain began by demolishing 25% of the APA’s existing lab facilities and building the new lab from the ground up—all while not disrupting ongoing activities in the adjoining labs.

Taylor Shellfish

Founded in the 1890s, Taylor Shellfish is the largest shellfish producer of farmed shellfish in North America. Managed by the fourth and fifth generations of the Taylor family, Taylor Shellfish Farms continually reinvests in new processing equipment, aquaculture techniques, and tideland preservation.

A leader in sustainably farmed oysters, clams, mussels, and geoducks, Taylor Shellfish’s latest improvement was the addition of storage space and an innovative new wet processing facility. The wet processing facility is the first of its kind and solves two problems that continually plague shellfish harvest areas—a short window of harvest time due to tides, and limited shelf life.

The new multi-million-dollar wet processing facility will enable the company to better meet demand with the freshest and safest possible shellfish products year-round. Shellfish are harvested and then stored in purified saltwater—allowing for a much longer shelf life as well as a safer, bacteria-free product. This new wet processing method will allow Taylor Shellfish to clean and ship over 270,000 pounds of fresh shellfish per week.

Taylor relied on Mountain’s expertise to choose durable building materials that could stand up to continual exposure to saltwater and grit. Mountain was up to the challenge and built the project using material that is not only resistant to saltwater corrosion but also will self-heal cracks that may occur in the concrete. The end result is a facility that has the potential to revolutionize the shellfish industry with a safer, fresher product.

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